Think you’re doing everything right in bed? Here are 8 things that will upset any woman in bed.

#1 The VERY Basics

1. Jumping On Like Your Mounting A Bronco

A woman is not a ride at an amusement park. Jumping on and taking a ride without taking into account where she is in her arousal phase is a big no no and is sure to get you bucked off.

2. Holding Her Head Where You Want It

Guys come on! Girls are more than willing to please you orally, but let her go at her own pace and do it in her own way. Want to make adjustments. Gentle direction is acceptable, but taking hold of her and turning her into a blow up doll is going to burst any chances of a second round.

3. Sloppy Kisses

While girls love it when you please them orally, wipe your face when you come up to kiss them. Nothing is worse than a wet, sloppy kiss to make a girl squeamish.

4. One Mission Man

Change up your positions. If you’re a missionary man or prefer doggy style, doing it the same way every time gets boring. Take your cues from her, listen to her sounds, her body language, and play accordingly. There are many positions to choose from. Do what feels good for both of you.



5. Being Too Rough

While sometimes a girl loves it when you just take her and make her yours, being too rough where it hurts is not something that should be on the daily menu. Listen for her cues and adjust accordingly.

6. Asking If She Climaxed

You should know if she climaxed if you’re in tune with your partner, but asking over and over again, puts to much pressure on the situation. It should be about feeling good not accomplishing a goal. Let go of the expectation and just enjoy each other.

7. Being Too Quiet

While you have the right to remain silent, she won’t know if she’s pleasing you if you don’t give her any signs. Making love is all about communication. Let her know what feels good, what doesn’t, and tell her how great she feels. Your experience will be a whole lot better.

8. Rolling Over When You’re Done

Nothing is worse than a guy who rolls over after he’s done. While she doesn’t like being asked if she had an orgasm, at least keep going until she wants to stop. If you’re done, continue to stimulate her. And above all … when you’re both done, at least cuddle as you fall asleep.

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