Sometimes it is very difficult to understand your own feelings, especially if you are not really sure if your partner is true to you. But who does not dream of true and pure love? Answer the questions in test, and you will be able to determine (with the relative accuracy) if your partner is true to you and if he (she) really loves you.

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When you tell your loved one about your successes at work, you usually hear:

strained silence in response, your spouse starts talking about something with great enthusiasm "I have always said that you are my best!"

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How does your loved one refer to your parents?

never misses an opportunity to visit them can't stand their presence he (she) really loves them

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Occasionally some doubts can slip between your thoughts, and you start to think that:

he (she) is happy only when next to you he (she) remembers his (her) ex he (she) wants to have an affair


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If you are in a bad mood, how does your spouse behave?

tries not to touch you gets angry or tense tries to be attentive and caring towards you

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You come to a party where you see a lot of new and unfamiliar faces. You could not notice that:

your spouse behaves like a sex symbol your loved one is flirting with everyone your spouse is nervous and is following you all the time

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You received an invitation to go to two parties at the same time. Who of you will decide where to go?

you will decide together he (she) always insists to do it his (her) way more often your voice is crucial


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When you need a quick snack, who usually goes to the kitchen?

you give your spouse an opportunity to show his (her) culinary talents you cook together more often this is on you

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What is your spouse`s attitude to your personal issues?

pokes his (her) nose always and everywhere sometimes takes an interest in them tries not to be intrusive

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«Popular psychological tests» by S. Kolosova